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Our SECRETARY JERRILYN GOW is responsible for the taking and transcription of meeting minutes from our monthly Board Meeting and Business Meeting.

Our TREASURER & ASSISTANT TREASURER CHRIS SANDS  and ALISON COHEN are responsible for the collection and disbursement of funds as directed by the members as well as the management of Club bank accounts, budget management and preparation of monthly financial reports.

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PAM BLISS, DIRECTOR OF FUNDRAISING enables our Club to support not only our award programs, but also to contribute to our community when we become aware of a need.  While the primary focus of our monetary contributions is to women and girls, we also realize that  we are responsible for making our local and global "community" better for everyone.   See our EVENTS & PROJECTS and PROGRAMS & AWARDS pages to learn where we are focused now.

Soroptimist International, founded in 1921 in Alameda County, California, has grown from a club of 80 women to an international organization with more than 160,000 members and supporters in more than 120 countries.


Soroptimist International is organized into 4 Federations...Great Britain & Ireland, Southwest Pacific, Europe and The Americas.  Within these 4 federations, we are further grouped into Regions or Unions, Districts and Clubs.


Soroptimist International of the American River is a member of the Sierra Nevada Region and we are one of 55 Clubs in that Region and one of 9 Clubs in the Region's District 4.


The operation of our club is accomplished through a committee structure focusing on 4 areas:  MEMBERSHIP, FUNDRAISING, PUBLIC AWARENESS and PROGRAM.  Each of these areas is served by a Director who sits on our board.  Administrative and financial tasks are handled by the President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary and Delegates and 2 non-voting board members--Parliamentarian, an appointed board member who advises the president and club on matters of procedure and policy and our Immediate Past President.


We are guided by our Club Bylaws, our adopted budget, Roberts Rules of Order and the governing constitutions and bylaws at the International, Federation and Region levels.  All decisions are member driven, directly or indirectly through voting.

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JOYCE RASK, DIRECTOR OF MEMBERSHIP is responsibile for managing activities that enhance our members' Soroptimist experience through club growth and development, social activities, networking, club communication, Soroptimist Orientation and Leadership Training, and Legislative Advocacy.  Our Club's members are our greatest assets--their talents and enthusiasm contribute to the Club's ability to provide service to our communities.  

LISA BLOOM, DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC AWARENESS promotes awareness of the Soroptimist organization in the community.  In order to attract new members, event sponsors and to spur participation, it is important to develop local media contacts and community outreach through events, social media presence and hands-on community volunteering.

ANN BRYANT, DIRECTOR OF PROGRAM makes it possible for us to gain insights into and focus our member's efforts in the areas of Health, Education, the Environment, Economic and Social Development, Human Rights and the Status of Women, and International Goodwill and Understanding. We do this through the administration of our grant and scholarship  programs and the assessment of community needs.  See our PROGRAMS & AWARDS page for more information.

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